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Asian Singles in Boston

Austin, TX

I'm ambitious, driven, kind, compassionate, loving and have a big heart. I don't really have a type … view more »

San Diego, CA

From the East Coast. Planted roots in SD almost a decade ago. I've spent many hours in coffee sh… view more »

Dallas, TX

Serious if someone will take me seriously. I have 3 kids, eldest is 30, second is 23 (both are based… view more »

Aurora, CO

Born in Denver, grew up in LA, lived in the Bay Area and Chicago. Now here in Aurora for the last th… view more »

Los Angeles, CA

I'd like to find someone to share my joy and sadness, someone who is intelligent and would like to e… view more »

Bronx, NY

I like honest and dependable. I am an honest, dependable, charming and sincere person. I went to buf… view more »

New York, NY

Hi! Thanks for reading my profile. I would describe myself as easygoing and friendly yet also highly… view more »

Chicago, IL

I enjoy my life and love to find new adventures. I have a dynamic career, and I work hard to be secu… view more »

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Minneapolis, MN

I am here hopefully to meet that special someone who is attracted to me, who wants to share my time,… view more »

Austin, TX

Hey! I'm trying out my hand at online dating to see if I can meet a girl in the Austin area to share… view more »

Seattle, WA

When we have a time I like to spend time enjoy Hiking,Dining,Concert etc just simple thing spend tim… view more »

Los Angeles, CA

I'm driven and ambitious, but mostly, my friends would say that I like to share my humor with others… view more »

Houston, TX

I'm a loving caring happy person who likes to make people laugh I'm close to family and friends I ha… view more »

Charlotte, NC

I really feel there is a lot of life left and want to share new experiences with a down to earth, op… view more »

Los Angeles, CA

I am trying to break my shell by coming out of my comfort zone. I am new to the city (LA) looking fo… view more »

Las Vegas, NV

....i'm just a simple person living a simple life...I'm 43 yrs old with 2 kids (boys) and live wit… view more »

Las Vegas, NV

He needs to know how to be a man , how to treat a lady , has a sense of humor , knows how to take re… view more »

New York, NY

I am an IT engineer and investor. I like social drinking, sports, and traveling I am looking for st… view more »

Philadelphia, PA

I believe the purpose of life is to influence those who enters in our lives positive ways to make th… view more »

New York, NY

Just an easy-going guy who's been picky for way too long. Looking for someone to share the great thi… view more »

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