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Hindu Singles in Boston

San Antonio, TX

Marilyn Monroe once said, “If you can make a woman laugh, you can make her do anything.” This is pr… view more »

San Antonio, TX

If you're familiar with the Four Colors exercise, I am most solidly an Orange mixed with Green. I ca… view more »

Houston, TX

I'm ambitious, driven, kind, compassionate, loving and have a big heart. I don't really have a type … view more »

Jacksonville, FL

Funny likes to laugh, someone down to earth i like to hike (not the beach) mountains with lots of tr… view more »

Pasadena, TX

I enjoy cooking and am told I am pretty good at it. I like to BBQ all year round. Snuggling up in fr… view more »

San Diego, CA

Name's Michael. Among other things, I'm an adventure and traveling fanatic. I'm athletic. So i'm int… view more »

Houston, TX

During the week you can find me working in a dental office as a dental hygienist. I absolutely love … view more »

San Diego, CA

I am currently applying for the Police Academy and hope to make a career out of it.I love to cook … view more »

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Austin, TX

It took me quite a long time to think what a kind of a person I am. To my opinion we all have good &… view more »

San Diego, CA

Someone to have fun with. Someone that is not afraid to communicate their needs and wants. Share hop… view more »

Pflugerville, TX

I am a down to earth woman and just looking for that special companion who is ready to start a new c… view more »

Atlanta, GA

Here's a bit about me ... delivered in purely promotional style, like a resume of sorts. I'm happy … view more »

San Diego, CA

I am a funny, smart, smart ass-ish girl looking for the real deal. I don't play games, I speak the t… view more »

Charlotte, NC

I'm newish to North Carolina and am bringing an optimistic outlook on life, a well rounded backgroun… view more »

Dallas, TX

I'm looking for my love here. When two souls, which have sought each other for, however long in the … view more »

Las Vegas, NV

I once rode a donkey on a dare and ended up upside down clinging to the donkey's neck and staring at… view more »

Phoenix, AZ

I enjoy swimming, hiking, camping.I spend most of my free time volunteering, church, and miscellaneo… view more »

San Francisco, CA

I ask hard questions. I often find myself deep in thoughts and asking the question why? I am looking… view more »

Santa Monica, CA

I am an outgoing and passionate woman who finds witty intelligence a turn on. I'm well read, love t… view more »

Brooklyn, NY

I'm a nice person who knows how to have a good time. I like staying in and watching a movie every no… view more »

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