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Senior Singles in Derry Village

Houston, TX

I've always enjoyed the arts including dance. . Looking to meet new friends at nice coffee shops and… view more »

Miami, FL

compassionate man with a good sense of humor.There is never a dull moment as each day brings a new a… view more »

Jacksonville, FL

I am divorced and looking for a permanent relationship with someone who shares my interest and is ho… view more »

Orlando, FL

i am here just to look for my last love and that doesn't mean we are going to start straight off but… view more »

Garland, TX

I am looking for a relationship with a man who a loving spirit, can make me laugh and not intimidate… view more »

San Antonio, TX

I am an architect and consider myself creative, curious, hard working, and constantly reading and le… view more »

Phoenix, AZ

“Billy Elliott” is a recent musical I've seen. Coming up is “Baskerville” - Sherlock spoof? I'm re… view more »

Grand Prairie, TX

companionship, likes to travel, love to camp. Christian person, loves animals and doesn't mind havin… view more »

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Las Vegas, NV

I had been pretty much a stay at home person for quite a while. Between volunteer work, reading, mo… view more »

Garland, TX

I am the complete package! My life is great and I enjoy each and every day. I am financially secure … view more »

Orlando, FL

I'm a person with good character and integrity. I have a positive attitude and enjoy life with a p… view more »

Phoenix, AZ

Mark Twain. "Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn't do than th… view more »

San Diego, CA

I am an educated professional woman who lived outside of the US as a child and teenager, and who lov… view more »

Phoenix, AZ

I am very interested in women with large breasts, thin waists, and big butts, blonde or black hair, … view more »

Stone Mountain, GA

I am a very laid back woman, compassionate, kind, trustworthy, supportive, smart, respectful, lovin… view more »

Las Vegas, NV

I am looking for a companion who enjoys staying at home, watching TV, reading, and etc.I am not a … view more »

Atlanta, GA

I have and have had a wonderful life, a beautiful family, and many friends. Currently I am healthy… view more »

Denver, CO

I am looking for companion ship, talking, walking, skiing,maybe traveling, I am in very good physi… view more »

Marina del Rey, CA

Loving life here in CA -- would be nice to share common interests with someone lively and independen… view more »

Sagamore Hills, OH

I'm romantic at heart,take things easy.Life is to short,might as well make the best of it.I like to … view more »

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